From our sun-soaked California vines, home to some of the world's most loved varieties, we stray from convention by putting seriously good wine in not-so-serious packaging: cans! We make it easy on you.

Pop the top, take a sip and enjoy the wonders of the West Side. 


100% Chardonnay, this refreshing California wine boasts tropical fruits with a spritz on the palate and a crisp finish that's perfect for sipping poolside, post-yoga class or at a concert! Enjoy chilled.

This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from our sun-soaked California vineyards. Slightly spritzy at the start with ripe red berries on the palate and a smooth tannin finish, this Cab is sure to please! Crack a can by the fire, at your favorite camping spot, or with dinner tonight! Enjoy slightly chilled.